The Information, will it work? @jessicalessin

The Information seems really awesome and there aren’t going to be a lot of
writers with the kind of knowledge and access that Jessica and co have.

Proof is seeing her in the speaker room at DLD along with Blodget from BI
and David Rowan or Spencer Reiss from Wired — next to David from Tumblr
and so forth.

So the news will be great.

And she doesn’t plan to take venture, so the growth imperative won’t force
her into cheesy revenue stuff as long as they make some money.

Since they won’t do cheesy stuff, the site won’t be “popular” (e.g., BI or
Huffpo style)

Because others can copy the information and re-post it pretty fast, the
unique and valuable bits also won’t make it big (as they might have once
upon a time).

Perhaps the model is like Deadline Hollywood. Except this one isn’t free.

So will people pay $40/month for the information? For the content alone I
suspect “no way”. If they make a club of people you want to be part of –
that meets online, meets in person, and meets at conferences, I think maybe!