The secret to GTD

You have a task list. Now you need Knotes.

GTD’s approach is super helpful. If you can do it in a moment, then do. If a little longer, write it down for To Do.

We spend a lot of time on To Do.

But the other big in observation is the Later list. Defer stuff that doesn’t have to happen now.

The system has an approach for this. “Spend blocks of time to handle these later.”

Mine is different. Make knotes.

And unexpected times and random intervals you will get a piece of information or an idea or an insight about one of these things that is on your later list.

That bit should get added to the “file”. A Knotepad is a file for things you aren’t actively pursuing.

Most people just say “I will get back to you later” and forget to. Or forget the info. Or leave it in email so they have to search for it later.

But it’s better to collect it.

Then when you’re ready to spend time on this later topic, all of your materials are in one place. Then you can get right to the topic.

An example of something I am ripening for later attention:


Simple note taking and collaboration