The Standard VC Email

Did you know VCs use Salesforce?

Here are the three templates my friend has:

1. Outreach
“Congrats on all you have achieved with [name here]. It is a space we follow closely. We think we can add significant value as the only fund run by founders with reach and resources to take you from your current position to global [market name] leader.”

This one isn’t so bad really.

2. No – our focus
“Congrats on all you have achieved with [company name]. We are eager to engage further. However our firm only invests in [consumer/enterprise transactional/networks/community/content/health-care/etc] companies that have [already/not] launched. We wish you the best and hope to connect again soon. “

3. No – you suck
“Congrats etc etc we don’t feel we understand your space [market name] and feel we may not be able to add enough value. We wish you the etc etc”

That’s it. If you hear any other reply it is probably sincere because there is no template. But if you hear the template it means…they don’t think you will make them money.