The Watch

Weird about the reaction to the watch: people are seemingly going through the motions with their questions. They are literally feigning skepticism — “are people ready”, “will it really be useful or just a silly gadget”, “do the Swiss Watch brands have anything to fear”.

Having seen this thing I could not be more convinced that it is a massive transition point. Much more than Siri or the Apple TV box ever seemed to be. They have it all figured out! It works amazingly! It does tons of great useful stuff like time, communications (voice and text), pictures, health/fitness and surely maps, non-iOS phones too, and more. The Watch has the potential to be much larger than the phone in revenue since you need one for the kids as well as the adults, and you might like to have 2 or 3 (as you do with real watches).

Some stuff I think it will have in time

– Android support

– its own internal cellular data

– wifi

– camera

So what is weird is how people are like “Hmm, we’ll have to wait and see!” What on earth are they talking about? They should be quitting their jobs and starting companies focused on the potential there.