Things to be grateful for today, the day we launched Knotable

1. The servers did not crash more than 2 times

2. The write up by Mike Butcher on Techcrunch was masterful, accurate, insightful, true. Really just a gift.

3. Lots of people are signing up

4. We don’t have to actually let them use the product yet

5. Though it isn’t ready for all these people, it’s actually ready for us. We are using it

6. I can do stuff with Knotable. The UI works. My machine doesn’t crash.

7. It looks beautiful.

8. Investors are pinging me to try to invest.

9. The people who really understand stuff, the people I showed at Techcrunch, they were beyond enthusiastic. People I quite admire, really. It’s humbling to work on a problem people feel is serious and when they say: “this is the right approach. I want to be part of it.”

10. It is my birthday today.