Tl;dr of Leadership Secrets of the Navy Seals

High hopes here but kind of a shrill book. Bad writing I guess – formulaic, repetitive, uninteresting. The SEALs seem awesome but this isn’t quite awesome.

You can learn everything it has to say from studying the chapter titles and thinking. So here they are:

A couple of topics were a little more complicated. These:

Types of managers (a menu):
Screamer – Volcano
Friend – Country Club
Rule follower – Accountant
Never satisfied – Stepfather
Rule breaker – Cowboy
–> use different styles for different situations. No always the same.

What you need to give people:
Responsibility – a mission
Authority – resources
Accountability – feedback

Sources of leadership authority that you can tap

What people need
Pay – enough
Titles – authority
Respect – fairness
Recognition – good or bad
Loads – no B people to carry around
Trust – yours

And: It’s notable that an organization whose onboarding most people fail to survive is considered very great. Most companies are afraid to let half or 90% of their new hires quit.