tl;dr on New questions in mobile by @BenedictEvans

Apple-Google duopoly in mobile, neither vanquished. Apple gets profits, Google gets market share.

“New” questions.

1. What Android OEM will win/survive? [I think this is an old q]

2. Given forking and unimportance of Maps and Google app store, is there much of a future for Android(tm)? [I think this is also a 2011 question, posed first by Shenzhen. I guess we were distracted by “Will they kill Apple?” back then]

3. Links are dead, so Google is going irrelevant. What’s next? Maybe messaging/alerts as the aggregation point du jour. (Also, a typo writing underling instead of underlying)

4. Amazon and Facebook need to figure a way to matter at the platform level.

5. Wearables exist.

6. Mobile era is 2x PC.