Transparency is our religion

Being open is a trend.

From the psycho head of the world’s largest hedge fund –> Ray Dalio’s Principles

To the fine Bloomberg Beta venture fund’s operating principles

Of course including all the VC “unbundling” blogs like Hornik and Fred Wilson (see Dave Lerner’s wise overview here)

Weirdly — it seems to include at this point the end-user and recruiting-oriented marketing by startups too.

It started I think with all the founder stories people would post around the web and have featured on Hacker News.

But here is a startups entire blog dedicated only to the theme of open-ness: Buffer Open, where they post their growth, sales, salaries, etc. OK! I guess that’s neat.

We use every tool or mechanism for open ideas and information, and we publish our every move, and we reward being open. But we complain like hell about privacy. Publicly.