Two hopeful observations in 2017 US politics

Why do any people think Trump is telling the truth? Why does anyone think he is not insane?

This is a troubling question but I hear a good answer from John Oliver this week. Since he watches the same crackpot media as this community does — since he says what the Fox News / Breitbart fantasy press says — they think he is the only one telling the truth!

Enough crazy people…enough crazy media that responds to their paranoia…and their leaders are judged as telling the truth for matching what they want to believe.

Truth isn’t about science — it is about a story such people want to be true.

That’s learning 1.

Learning 2 is a totally different direction.

Maybe Trump is the start of something new. Maybe this era is the start of the decline of presidential power.


What if he gets nothing done?

What if all the power is, as it seems it should be, resides in the every-two-years House? They set taxes. They vote to impeach. They are powerful. The Senate — where social issues are checked and Presidential powers are moderated – doesn’t actually DO as much as the House which controls taxes and spending.

Perhaps Trump’s disastrous presidency will be the end of the presidency as created by FDR.