Two startup ideas about data/users/accounts

1. A website or browser extension that actually works to log you in/out/everything of the zillions of accounts. In particular, multiple ‘application’ accounts like the many google/google apps accounts I have but also dropbox, trading, banking, social sites, etc. I don’t want a password manager. I want to log into this “thing” and then just navigate the web with all my experiences INSIDE not on logon screens. I am seeing way too many logon screens all day. And in many cases, it is one app asking another for credentials which is even more annoying. All I do all day is type in friggin passwords. There must be a better way.

2. Personal Data Mining. A data cruncher (that hooks up to all these accounts) and tells me stuff I want to know. Gmail seems to mine for “importance” with that new inbox. Apple’s Mail app is wonderful at seeing meetings. Well what if you saw all my stuff — could you tell me interesting stuff about meetings I am missing, what friends I need to respond to, where to go? Maybe it’s a spin on Paul Graham’s recent call for “reinvent email as a todo list” –> but this one is algorithm intensive. Maybe it’s a personal assistant like Siri. Maybe it’s a “digest” that has mined your data instead of the social web like