Use my code to get clothes for your kids at Primary has beautiful kids basics. Use AMOL to get free shipping all year.

Apparently people love it.

· Brit + Co This New Clothing Line is Like American Apparel Just for Kids by Nicole Jahns. “Built on Christina and Galyn’s passion for ‘simplicity, color and a touch of magic,’ the line features basics in 20 brilliant colors and a range of children’s sizes. And it gets better. All items are priced — wait for it — below $25. Yes, $25. Meaning, you no longer have to shell out $60 one time for a cute top your child will wear once. Now, you can browse a line of beautiful basics that will, as the Primary founders put it, ‘… go with everything else [your kids] might grab…'”
· WWD Quidsi Site Becomes E-Tail’s New Incubator (attached) by Rachel Strugatz
· MommyCoddle Classic clothes for kids you’ll LOVE: Meet Primary! by Molly Balint. “I have a feeling Primary is going to be my go-to site for the girls clothes this summer. It’s the ‘where have you been all my life?’ site we’ve all been looking for. And the answer to the huge hole in the kids clothing market for kid-centric, well-made, affordable and smart clothing for our kiddos.”

Overheard on social media:
· …just so awesome I feel like it is a crime that this did not exist from the day my first child was born. Kids clothes that are high quality and under $25 – all of the basics that you always need and can never find. Amazing.
· A little reminiscent of American Apparel, minus the sleaze factor.
· Do you know what I love? That you have size 9 clothes. The jump from size 8 to size 10-12 in a lot of brands is making me nuts, so I am so happy that I can buy pants for my just turned 9 year old boy. OMG and you have PJs too for 9 year olds!
· Love this!! I was just saying there isn’t anywhere to go to get cute colorful basics.
· My models are acting a bit silly but we LOVE their new jams! The material is so soft and I love the colors too! Bravo! Will be ordering more!
· The most adorable packaging. Love our pieces from primarydotcom.
· My co-workers daughter is the baby on the home page! He knows one of the owners! Love their concept and the prices!
· Everything is so cute. Makes me wish my kids were small again. Will definitely be ordering for my niece!
· This is perfect- exactly what we need! LOVE the site, especially the pics in each size! Ordering for the triplets now! Thank you!!!!
· Where were you when my teens were younger?! This idea is great! So many times I have looked for just a simple hoodie or leggings to match a fancy skirt. Good luck!
· I love how you list the model’s height and weight next to where the shopper selects a size. Super helpful!