Victory over The New Yorkers dated Oct 3 and 17

October 3, 2011
IKEA, the wacky founder and zany team spirit; Personal coaches,
Gawande seeks self-improvement as should I; Movie chick stereotypes,
pretty funny Indian chick from the Office!; The Namelab, er rather “Lexicon”, folks – tale
of names like Blackberry and Swiffer and ends with the name “Peek”; Infosys cofounder and the
India ID number project.October 17th, 2011
History of the Phantom Tollbooth – yawn; Portugal decriminalized drugs
and it worked; Amazing tale of Fukushima – at one point I shed a
single frozen tear – including a poor accounting of risk (=
probability times impact, people! Not just “is Godzilla scary?” WHO
estimates that TEN people die due to Chernobyl. TEN! Estimate for Fuk
is currently ZEEEERO. Enough self-loathing, society.); Profile of
Pixar genius Making the Star Wars/Dune knockoff; HG Wells, sex fiend;
Degas, sex fiend.

It must be said that every good NYer piece is a formulaic get-detailed
profile the zoom out and then introduce Character B before winding
down with a loose end/open question. No conclusions in this magazine,

Also, the art and literature criticism is very good.

Now working on December 12th, 2011.