Video chat and apps #LDVvision @om @pakman @dba

Three interesting views on video and mobile.

“Why isn’t there any?” says @nisselson

They all think there will be tons.

They all seem to think the interactions offered to date haven’t worked yet
— people look like they are on video with skype etc and they don’t work.

@pakman –> dominant video mobile will be asynchronous or near-synch –>
not facetime

@om What makes giphy work is it is tl;dr for video. Faster.

Yet on mobile the Facetime chat ONLY works with REAL immersion

@dba –> what’s in the works?

Namechecked–> Glyde, Holorack by @pakman, Chatwala by @dba

Near real time videos. It’s very different and better than “real time
live”. You can stop and come back.