Ways of explaining stuff

Obama and Bill Clinton have a great video up from their CGI talk about health care. That Obamacare law is going awesome isn’t it — those $100/month premiums are just insanely low.

Watching them both explain how healthcare works shows a really interesting difference in the way people explain stuff. I think there are three styles you can take from them.

Number one is the famous Obama soaring rhetoric style. For that style you don’t really need to listen to people in the audience. You are presenting a piece of art, a song. Introverts can do it.

Obama didn’t show that one sitting onstage. Obviously.

He showed his professors lecture style. And this one is also in style for introverts. You explain stuff. You get out all the interconnected facts and details. You touch a lot of bases. The style is really important for showing the detailed logic and really just for explanation. You understand how something really works.

The Bill Clinton style, by contrast is usually described as folksy. I think the two things to take from it though are different.

One is that you should give very specific and memorable little headlines. “Cut by half”, “Doubled this”, “Never again”.

Two is you can use a few bits and pieces to make the larger point. You’re not necessarily presenting a grand theory. You say we save millions of jobs we created tons of companies.

Essentially you give people a few bits they can remember easily, and then repeat to others.