Ways People Are Different, or, “Basic Human Types”

My own informal list of the Types of people. Work in progress.

Filers vs Pilers

Introverts vs Extroverts

Fast twitch vs. Long twitch (slow twitch)

“It’s different this time” vs. “Nothing ever changes” (Heraclitus vs. Parmenides)

Fox vs. Hedgehog (Archilochus)

Logical Consistency vs Nuanced Realities

Individualist vs. Family/Society

Thinking vs. Feeling

Do It Now vs. Make A Plan

Dreamers vs? Generals

Big Picture vs. Detail-oriented

Words vs? Pictures

Reader vs. Listener

Great Man vs. The Times (Zeitgeist)

Loner vs. Coach vs. Team Player

Learn by Talking/Hearing vs. Learn by Reading/Writing

Structured vs. Spontaneous

‘Organization Man’ vs. Rebel Band

Optimist vs. Pessimist/Neurotic (The Big Five)

Rebels vs. Questioners vs. Conformists vs. ?