We bought a new TV

Dear industry trend watchers and tech execs looking for sample-size-one
survey data:

When the Mac Mini came out we bought it and plugged it into our TV. 2005?
Something like that.

Law & Order syndrome prompted me to cancel Time Warner and all pay TV in
2005 also. Replaced with torrent video.

Bought a bigger TV (42″, from woot) in 2007.

Netflix streaming at somepoint (2010?) became the major option.

2009/2010 the switch to digital over-the-air we bought a subsidized antenna
for watching ‘the big game’.

2009. iPads begin arriving in our house.

2013 March – iPad count is 5. Netflix hours per week is like 2×25 hours
(the kids). Occasional House of Cards-type marathon by adults.

2013 March – I break down and get Amazon Prime (for the shipping) and
notice the kids like Dora (only on Amazon).

2013 March 1 – sold the TV. No TV. All iPad. ($350 over craigslist –>
originally cost me $400!!)

2013 March 28th – new TV arrives. Smaller. 27″. Kids rejoice. Plug back
into latest Mac Mini and my own biology confirms that I am happy too.
Netflix, Amazon, iPhoto, iTunes. Zero Hulu. PBS Kids.