What I said to hypnotize 500 people one time

You can watch the video on this post.

Here is the script I used:




Thank you for coming


Expressing your interest and enthusiasm in our topic


Invite you to sit and be comfortable


Feel at ease and excited about our topic


Feel comfortable in your chairs and in the warmth of room


The people around you also sharing your enthusiasm for this topic today


Invite you to listen to my voice for a moment and close your eyes so you concentrate on what I’m saying and what you are hearing


Feel the seat supporting you. Your eyes closed. Feel your hands in your lap and your energy focused on my voice that you are hearing


Invite you to give a sign of your enthusiasm for our discussion today with your right hand. Raise your right hand as a sign and with your eyes closed as you sit in your chair and hear my voice


Sitting with your right hand high as a sign of your participation today and your energy for our topic


Notice that also your left hand is also starting to rise. As you have you right hand high an your eyes closed and you are sitting comfortably and listening to my voice please notice that you are allowing your left hand also to rise up and join your right hand
As you listen with your eyes shut, now both your hands are being held up high in the air as a way of expressing your energy and enthusiasm for our topic. Your left hand has floated up into the air freely and effortlessly to join you right hand in solidarity.