What’s wrong with Samsung SmartTV

Apparently people actually have these.

The product is really bad though. Nobody, nobody deserves to say “oh why does Apple get all the credit; we have had these for years”:

1. SLOW. Why on Earth does it take a minute or more to get that screen up with the internet apps

2. The keyboard. The guy whose tv it was literally couldn’t get the keyboard to connect. That is ridiculous. The remote comes with the tv. There is no rocket science to pairing these. A Bluetooth mouse just works with PCs… How can that not work, Samsung? Oh, and another guy had one of these — his didn’t work either.

3. No YouTube

4. No Pandora

5. Netflix was on there thank god. But it was really slow and hard to use with that lame on-screen keyboard.

6. No games. Why no games? Farmville?

7. The remote control was a $20 piece of crap. Couldn’t you put up a $100 android-based touch device for the price of that gorgeous 60″ TV?

8. It should be a wifi hub that lets other wifi phones/bluetooth device connect and interact (like vote on-screen or control an UI element)