Wow, PG was right. Gmail is super slow! And full of crap.

Believe it or not I never use Gmail as in typed into my browser. I use a mail client (!!! –> thunderbird on PC, Mail on iPhone, Peek on Android, etc. etc.)

But people complain about Gmail sometimes and here is the influential Paul Graham doing so: Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas.

I gave it a try today. It is super slow!! I have the preview pane open, am running Xobni’s Smartr Plugin, have Rapportive in there (how do I remove that again?) and Gmail itself is auto-suggesting people/profiles, there is chat, video chat, oh yeah and also Boomerang. I probably also have some labs things turned on.

So, I’m willing to take some responsibility. But I don’t think you can tell me Gmail’s slowness is ‘my fault’. It’s like blaming me for Windows sucking.



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