Albert Wenger’s DLD talk: abundance and its consequences

Since everything will cost zero, and therefore we will have lots of everything…

The talk and video here

My summary
Marginal cost to zero.

That’s the trend

Closed to open –> Linux, Creative Commons, Flickr cc, Khan Academy, Moving the information around for that open collaboration is now nearly zero.

Hierarchies to networks –> Kickstarter, Peer to peer lending, blockchain. Crowd/network decides now instead of big shots. The idea can be distributed super cheaply now, so everyone can weigh in. Blockchain allows a single central database that is itself open.

Normal distribution to power laws.

Atoms to bits. Programmable atoms of the smartphone can do more than all the mechanistic pieces. Also smart cars and factories/on-demand production.

People to machines. AI is here – self-driving cars.

Consequence — abundance

Sooo…the world needs
– to decouple income from work (because people need income but work won’t be needed?)
– have a robot to represent us (a slave AI?)