Ego tripping

Buckminster Fuller apparently accomplished nothing before age 53 – then it was all domes and celebrity.

Stewart Brand is how I learned about that – because Brand’s early life was all about domes! It was a mid-20thC sensation.

Like drones for us. Many founders went that way in 2015. One that I backed called me yesterday to report a vicious down round. Drones were a flub for the startup community (less so for the US military).

AI…for startups has produced fewer winners. For such an important technology, there is no FAANG. Except the incumbent FANNMGs who did benefit.

Final note: Facebook is the only one of the acronym where nobody writes books about leadership and management inspiration. The rest are covered by titles touching Bill Campbell (Apple and Google), Bill Gates, Reed Hastings and Freedom and Responsibility, and six-page memos lore.