Energy levels and work-from-home

I love my work, wherever I do it, so I have been seduced by sitting at my desk the last few years.

Running this AM, after a few weeks of hiatus, I realized something. Well a few things — which is the point.

First of all, I had a blinding insight early in the morning. I’m lately shaking off cobwebs and hurrying to comb my hair before my first video call. Not today.

In fact, I had three blog posts I wanted to write before I got my shoes off.

The blinding insight though was what I had done yesterday — sit on video calls all day at home. At the end of the day I was remarking, “feels like I was on a long flight”. A year ago at this time people would comment on my lovely home office, and how I was pacing around on it constantly. Standing, moving, shifting positions. Yesterday and for the last number of days I was a static, note-taking, long-haul passenger.

I was changing into a sedentary person in just a couple of months.

No commute, no morning in-person meeting, no reason to get up more than 15 minutes before it starts, no movement or activity between dawn and the start of action… and no people, faces, fresh air or sun or sweat.

Work-from-home and work-from-anywhere, both, leave it up to you to live *in the world*. For a lot of Covid, I was doing it well. The last few months I saw how easily you can slip into the trance.

I’m going to shake it off.