Halo with jumprope: November installment. (Hint, 500%)

All year with the beta Halo Sports I have been testing against my jumprope workout.

It’s not a huge workout — I just jump till I trip up. It happens after 2-3 minutes usually (around 140-150 skips). Normal human beings probably just keep skipping after a little trip like that. To measure my progress this year since January I decided to keep it way simpler: just jump till a trip.

Amazingly (my fault for being inconsistent) I haven’t really gotten past 150 skips. After some practice I plateaued there.

Earlier in the summer I did a Halo trial series where my 150 became 350+.

And now…drum roll. I got the production Halo Sport last week.

Saturday, got out there — tripped 6 times before reaching 250. First trip was 47.

Here is the logbook telling you what I did with Halo on Sunday.

P.S. my colleagues haven’t baselined this particular activity and it has all sorts of flaws if you want to do science. But if you just want to work out better/longer/stronger — I have never in my life skipped that many skips in a row.