Last summer I met a Moroccan rug salesman.

Here is what happened.

Techniques of the rug salesman.
1. Rug store far from every other rug store, side of highway

2. A bit local and simple, the style of the salesman. He isn’t fancy.

3. Not talking money (no prices, no tags, not talking about money)

4. Taken through the long maze of the Riad upstairs to where the good stuff is. We walk and walk and walk. He doesn’t talk about any of the stuff we are passing. He ignores it.

5. Talking quality – double knotted, Atlas Mountains, this little old lady, his friends, the culture, how it to make rugs, the animals, the wool, the camels…

6. Focus now on one rug. He presents exactly one, as we stand in a room stacked with THOUSANDS. Maybe he did some behavioral interpretation or mindreading to notice an imperceptible attraction to one of them.

7. Show more variations on the one you like. All of a sudden some boys are running around pulling stuff off the walls. You are looking at tons of stuff, head is spinning on variations on an idea or two.

8. When you want to leave, you’ve seen it all, thanks! bye! –then he starts talking business.

9. Since you didn’t come to buy a rug I can offer you 5% off.

10. Why don’t you offer a price — you now have set the lowest possible price.

11. Takes the rug off the wall…

12. Why don’t I move the rug downstairs so you can see it properly in the light. Long hallway walk walk walk.

13. Lays it down on the floor. Walk on it in your bare feet…take off your shoes. (You can’t leave now.)

14. What is your maximum price? What is the final price?

15. Can’t do it… we’re leaving. Another save–propaganda and recommend me. I’ll give you my business card. You have to promise that when you leave you will say nice things about me. Good bye. Bye.

16. Bye. Actually, OK how about we do it for your offer?

17. Berber lady you got such a good price. You are genius lady. You have outsmarted me.

18. Why don’t you tip the wrapper? You really should tip the fellow tying up this rug for you. Many thanks. You are so happy. Well done.

19. Perhaps you take another one at a similar great deal? Take two!