Life Extension

Can we live forever? Perhaps an odd question to be asking in a time of Covid, climate crisis, and war. 

But since you know me, you won’t be overly surprised that I think the answer is yes, and that I want to be part of making it a reality.

Over the last year, I’ve been working with amazing collaborators on new companies that transform the climate impact of buildings, the local food supply chain, and how the next generation joins this work. Popular change, we hope, as these become large businesses.

Now I want to share with you the next step in this: Life Extension Ventures, a fund to back founders who are building companies that put tech and science together to extend the life of people and planet. Longevity and climate. 

Investing in Life Extension

My friend Inaki Berenguer approached me a year ago to say: we’re both PhD academics turned serial founders, who have raised $1bn+ of capital with multiple exits, and have also invested to support 100+ founders…shouldn’t we work together?

In fact we have to do it. We owe it to pay back the good fortune of being trained at some of the world’s best institutions.  

We are working on places where tech accelerates innovation, and where tech accelerates adoption. Science is finding big answers, and tech — software, data, models, and networks — can accelerate it.