Predictions: 2022

Belatedly, Davos and DLD and the meetings of the great and the good just wrapped up. Good thing, too. Because in January nobody would have predicted what was #1 on the list by June:

  1. War in Ukraine
  2. Climate
  3. Psychedelics
  4. Quantum computing

I would not have predicted 3 or 4 either, but I did dedicate a lot of last year to climate, and an ever increasing amount moving forward as we prepare to launch a new fund dedicated to life extension.

But the most interesting prediction I’ve heard *since* Davos is from my Dad: that not only might Russia lose, and Putin be toppled (by 12/31/22), but *also* that Russia might break up…into its ancestral ur-lands.

What such lands? Well, one is Circassia. It existed when Lincoln was president. Read the link – the languages and place names are positively Tolkien.