What to do between startups, from March 2021.

Here’s a post I drafted and didn’t publish from March 2021, about a year ago. I’ll tell you how it went in my next post. You won’t have to wait a whole year!

I am chatting to a founder who just sold his company. I need some ideas, he says. How should I go about this period? What have you, Amol, been up to?

Well, this is my gameplan for how to create the next big thing.

Re-energize. Running Knotel was pretty exhausting. Large company, lots of timezones, bureaucracy and departments and politics and stuff. Some of my colleagues went to re-energize by simply taking time off. That doesn’t help me get energy though. It makes me fidgety. So for me it was getting right back to the drawing board on new companies. Figure out an idea and a market space and start figuring it out.


Go top down.

Read books.

Use what you know. Content vs. Frameworks.

If the content is the same, and you think you are an expert on it, challenge yourself to think of a 10x bigger idea.