Predictions for the 2020s from Dec 31, 2019

Dinner party chatter mostly but I think it is worthy.

What’s very likely to be totally different by 2030?

Gender identity and gender roles, at least in US and EU.

Climate crisis. We will have a solution underway, even as fires burn.

What’s probable to be very different by 2030?

Age of American supremacy over. Great Powers realpolitik returns.

Capitalism, political liberalism, democracies as ideologically sainted values over.

Socialism not back.

Great AI and labor forces panic over. Labor shortages.

Big economic redistribution programs underway – a version of reform without revolution on income inequality, possibly through new services from the state (education, health care, disability, video games and entertainment, cheap goods/food).

Russia cracks, 1989-style.

China stagnates, Japan-style.