Product idea, adding on re: smart notifications

Here is a post I did recently <a href=””>on an idea for a simple notifications layer/framework</a> that both delivers notifs to users but is also smart (i.e., knows what they saw and where and avoids duplication and batches nicely etc.) So your app doesn’t have to. Our Knotable work — a huge amount of that is just building the smart notifications.

Here is an extra layer on that –> <a href=””>an app called Hooks</a>, which is a UI for alerts like Yo is kind of. But it’s an obvious add on to this idea above; a place that users can aggregate and sift and control all their alerts. Kind of an unsubscribe/management/batching layer for their services! IFTTT sort of. Simpler; no actions.

It would unbundle something that is native in mobile OSes right now – the notifications tray.

I think it’s an awesome startup idea.