Three fitness tips

I made some changes at Christmas.

– Walk or run ~10k steps / 5 miles daily. Easy in NYC. Time/speed don’t matter. Small increments mostly like 10 min walk to subway.
– Take the stairs at home and office. I live on 8 and work on 5. Averaging 40 flights per day.
– Eat more vegetables. Salads.
– Eat fewer calories. Estimate each meal. Aim for less than 2000 daily. Not so hard really.

– High Intensity Interval Training. This used to be my only real exercise. 5-7 minutes of strength type workout.
– Protein-centric vegetarian diet. I was very focused on glycemic index rather than calories last year. Eg lots of hummus or soy-related.

In 2013 I had been doing:
– Aerobic. Cycling 2 10-mile round trip commutes per week. 2 hours per week.
– Mostly vegetarian, eg 1 serving meat per day max.
– Ignoring calories and carb levels.

Each of the last two years I gained 5 lbs. So far this year I lost 10 lbs.