The transparency correction

Transparency (i.e., un-privacy) is on the march. It has been for decades.

Last year, though, people started talking privacy big-time and investors have followed — Snapchat, Burner, Confide, private clouds, etc.

The stock market is down 10% the last 30 days and I think this privacy “fad” is like this. The march of history is — more links between more people with more information flowing on all topics. That’s transparency. It has made the world a better place for the most part.

With state-controlled abuses as important caveats (the secret agents, the Nazis, the Stasi, the Hoover files, the CIA Black Sites, the NSA, and what have you).

But please argue with me that the world is not better for the open societies technology (largely technology-driven — not values-driven, values followed) have created.