When We Are All CEOs / Re latest @pmarca

Love/hate robots?

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So how then to best help individuals who are buffeted by producer-side technology change and lose jobs they wish they could keep?

First: Focus on increasing access to education and skill development, which itself will increasingly be delivered via technology.

Second: Let markets work ( this means voluntary contracts and free trade) so that capital and labor can rapidly reallocate to create new fields and jobs.

Third: Create and sustain a vigorous social safety net so that people are not stranded and unable to provide for their families. The loop closes as rapid technological productivity improvement and resulting economic growth make it easy to pay for the safety net.

With these three things in place, humans will do what they always do: create things that address and/or create new wants and needs


Here’s one reaction I would add. What everyone should be educated for, is to be the CEO. The past of work was laboring like a robot. The future of work is creating, organizing, inventing, pushing like a CEO.

And a line from Peter Drucker: “In the knowledge economy we are all volunteers. Yet we are managing for an army of conscripts.”