Work Awesome in Fall 2014

We are thinking of putting on a one-day conference type of deal about WORK.

We just did this awesome thing Inbox Awesome ( last week
and it was really good – the future of the inbox, with some really
excellent ideas and people.

So what would WORK AWESOME be?

Something like this:

*How to *- stand don’t sit, no meetings, FIFO first in first out, GTD
getting things done, to do and to get lists, project management via Kanban
/ Toyota, MVP minimum viable for products and projects

*Tech* – tools like Knotable, Slack, Yammer, Skype,
groupware/collaboration, Basecamp, Beam telepresence, video meetings,
facetime, Confide

*Learning* – Codecademy, 2U, Master Street, Skillshare, the perpetual
learning economy, Everyone Is CEO in the Age of Robot Labor

*Management and managing work* in the “knowledge economy” – e.g., Drucker:
“in the knowledge economy we are all volunteers but we are managing like we
are conscripts”; freelancers in the office, freelancers offfsite e.g. odesk

*Real estate – *co working and future of “the office” e.g., General
Assembly, WeWork, etc. etc.

*Hacking globalization* – “the guy who outsourced his own desk job to
Vietnam so he could play video games all day”

*People* like Tim Ferris, David Lerner (Mr. Unbundling), Tina Roth
Eisenberg of Swiss Miss & Creative Mornings, Arne Duncan, Eric Ries, etc.