How to write a startup pitch

HT / Jason Freedman

Seed deck:
Need just design?  Use Konsus.  Cheap, fast.  No idea partner, just execution (spend ~500)

Need design and familiarity specifically with seed decks?  use sketchdeck.  They’ve got templates and can force you a bit to think through it following existing conventions.  (spend $1k-2k)

Want freelancer?  Use upwork to find one.  Follow Amol visible work and pay for ~2 reasonably representative slides from 2 different people at once (all-in spend $150).  Work with whomever does it the best.

This is the best guide to seed decks I know of:

And while I’m throwing around YC links, my favorite hack to tease out the content of a seed deck without spinning your wheels on design decisions.   Just apply to YC.  The application is the perfect way to force you to think and verbalize your search for product-market fit.  Waaaaaaay better than what most people incorrectly think a seed deck should be, which is a ~2003 version of a business plan.  Cost is zero.  Iterate with people in text will make pace of improvement much faster.  For the fun of it, here is Dropbox’s application