Startup jobs from friends.

Marley Spoon delivers beautiful recipe boxes making it easy to cook and eat great food. They are hiring an Operations lead. Backed by some of the best VCs in the world, already operating and leading in markets across Europe and live in the US East Coast, they are expanding and hiring in NYC. does science in the cloud — lets labs upload huge biology data sets to their web-based analytics tool and save hours of time working in Excel every time an experiment completes. Big university labs are using Stirplate and they are recruiting for marketing interns and a devops engineer.

Jukely is a fast-growing app that lets you subscribe to unlimited concerts for a flat fee. Go to more shows, see who else is going – like Netflix or Spotify for live music. Head of marketing needed. is a stream processing platform — process data in true real time, not batches. This is the downfall of so-called realtime stuff for ads or social or fintech, and Concord is engineering a true solution. Product or Engineering folks from Ad Tech backgrounds welcome here!

GoTenna makes an accessory for your phone that lets you go offgrid – or where there is no grid. You can communicate between phones on your own wireless network, miles in range. Travel, back-country, disasters… has the open roles.

Dash is by far the largest app in the world for tracking how you drive and making you safer and better on the road. Its apps pair with the car plugin OBDs and tell you all kinds of good stuff. Recruiting an iOS engineer.

Knotel is a hosted workspace for growing teams with locations around New York City. It’s growing a lot – so folks with experience in the hospitality business could find interesting opportunities here in the tech-enabled commercial real estate world. is coming soon. has some info too.

If any of these are interesting, give a shout to me on my email